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Inflatable Boats In Ebay Stores

I'm looking for inflatable boats and I can’t seem to find just what I’m looking for. 

I guess most of that problem is that I don’t know exactly what I want.  I’m just sure that I’ll know what it is when I see it.

I visited the eBay site called eBay Stores and searched for inflatable boats.  I was a little disappointed that only twenty one stores were returned in my search and the top result, A2Z Dukan, only had five matching items.

The most expensive of the sixteen inflatable boats that were in the A2Z Dukan eBay store was the K2 Challenger kayak set that includes a pair of paddles and a pump.  This was a pretty great deal, as far as I could tell, for less than one hundred dollars.  The best thing I could find out about the K2 kayak was that it has a two person total weight capacity of 330 pounds.  That would suit me and my boyfriend quite nicely.

The A2Z Dukan eBay store also has some inflatable boats that would lend themselves to adventures that we take with other people.  They have three person inflatable boats that look like a lot of fun.  They have one model called the Excursion 3 boat.  They have it listed in their eBay store for $84 with a $38 shipping charge.

The A2Z Dukan eBay store also had a kid’s toy come up in my search for inflatable boats.  The toy was a ball pit that was shaped like a boat.  The listing had a picture of two kids playing inside of this thing and it looked like something my niece and nephew would have popped and deflated in five minutes flat.

The White's Marine eBay store had some great inflatable boats when I browsed their items.  They currently have two inflatable boats in their eBay store.  These are the big ones that can hold up to four passengers and they have them listed for $209.  I think that this 80” X 80” boat would be way too big for my purposes, though.


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